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When I was a child. I acted like an adult; Now, I am an adult, I wish to be a Child

nChildren’s day has just been recently celebrated and for some folks, childhood memories filled our very thoughts.
I asked myself deep questions pertaining to the stages I have passed through and how it has shaped me to what I am now. I believe like every young person out there, adulthood was viewed as the stage of freedom and will. We saw it as a getaway or better still, a place of arrival and fulfillment.

This season, I am perturbed on what exactly spurred us in wanting to grow so bad. Why did we seek independence from the rivers that watered us and the sources that fed us? What triggered our refusal for advice and instigated cravings to do whatever we wanted? I wish to relate to why the very things that pissed us then are the same things we crave for now.
I recall vividly memories during my elementary, when I wore my mom’s bra whilst standing in front of her long mirror and silently wishing that the fairy of female pubertal development makes me a woman soonest, Now I wear a bra daily and resent every momentary discomfort that follows it suit whilst wishing that I go back to my little days when it wasn’t a bore.
The unsought advice we once resented from our elders, we silently seek for now because we have no idea what we are meant to do in this stage and how to handle the responsibilities it brings; Just making a few headways and praying that we do not make grave mistakes. Some of us walked into adulthood while many were forced to grow, carrying responsibilities that weren’t even for the near time and season.
However, This adulthood is a stage we certainly must make contact with, I just wish it came with a memo. Still trying to figure out how the older generation made it through.

In every teen/adult there is a child yearning to be called home whilst dropping off every weight and manliness that has been garnered. Our eyes have been opened to see the struggle for basic instincts like Love, food, and survival skills. If you are lucky enough to still run to your covering(s), remain graced.
If ever given a second chance, I would gladly take it whilst savoring every moment and relishing the processes because there is really no use in marking time. Nature would surely take its course and this is enough reason to keep maximizing every stage we are in. “The two most powerful warriors they say, is Time and Patience”. This very phase we are in, would be missed, howbeit being without regrets is the goal.

To every adult with the soul of a child. Happy Children’s Day!. We remain children of the King and I hope we find rest in His Peace and Promises as we can never fathom all that life has in store for us but we know the Owner of Life who has the blueprint of our existence and that is Enough.