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When death comes knocking

Life can be a mess. A total mess!

Nothing prepares us for the challenges we face. No book or prophet or leader. And as wholly as the Bible is, there is clearly no statement that gives us practical directions in which we should act when Life slaps us at the face rather we are expected to count it all joy.

Today, I am reminded once again that death is a thief. It steals when you least expect. I lost my grandma few weeks ago, She’s aged but not old and clearly shouldn’t have gone. Then it struck me, #if we knew, we would have visited more and spent last Christmas with her. I personally would have ceased my hatred for farmwork and weed her plants while asking her questions.

Now, my little cousin is gone; a 2nd child and last born of 2!!!! When my brothers were told, they cried because she always wanted them to visit but they waved off her requests and tagged her clingy. I wish they heeded. #If they knew

Reminds me of last year when I had the chance to see a mother but I declined due to Covid reasons, only to hastingly visit notwithstanding the pandemic when I heard she passed away. #if I knew

One is alive today and gone tomorrow. Tsk…tell me about it.

I can’t even guarantee my tomorrow, so hold me tight now. That’s just it. Don’t say God forbid, I doubt if God forbids.

I need a book titled “How to reject pain” not one that tells us ways to accept/handle it.

I need a book that reads “Answers from God” cos damn…if you aren’t curious, I am. Have you ever wondered why good people hurt so badly especially those saved by grace. I know He never promised life without pain but we should be given a break at least!

A pastor’s wife just died of cancer! Cancer!! Cancer!!!! I’m screaming cos this is a Pastor’s wife! Like??? When members of their congregation were getting healed, did God pass her by?
My cousin died just from falling ill! A sickness that every normal child passes through. Why did hers have to take her life? A child who is a source of joy has been lost without fulfillment of purpose. You know what hurts most? She refused to take drugs cos she believed God will heal her. But, He clearly had other plans.

This makes me reason, Does our hope still hold substance? I thought I was strong and had in-depth convictions, Now I can’t seem to understand.
It clearly hurts when people who love and serve God in truth face tribulations that would have been easily wiped away. We are tired of saying “It’s well” in tears rather we want it to truly be Well in Joy.

There are enough evil people in this damn world for death to slay!

Nevertheless, We count our blessings. We give thanks regardless. God is Faithful.

I am choosing to take each day seriously, love and care more. I refuse to put off what can be done now till morrow. It ain’t guaranteed even.
If you’re reading this, you do know Life is Short right? Mine or Yours May be shorter!!! Make each day count.

With love and tears❤️