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Here I am!


Typing this, I sincerely expected myself to close the laptop yet again and sigh- No way!


For long, a feeling of perfection and pressure has clogged me like a fog and I struggle momentarily to be at peace with myself. Daily deadlines of school work, streamlining personal goals with the compulsion of being perfect, being busy like Martha and still striving to be abreast with everything this world dishes out together with every other insane stuff,


Going through my past notes, One significant thing that kept popping up is the task of creating a website. Quite frankly, I have not yet come to the full realization of what role this addendum would play in our world now; However, creating this website was fun and ideas sprang up every minute I logged in. I have brainstormed on the perfect way to launch this site; the perfect content; the perfect outlook, the right audience and the perfect reactions I secretly want to get from people who click this. However, it has confined me rather than giving me wings to fly. Thoughts and expectations of perfectionism began to cripple the very essence of its creation. Through the push from a close knit, you are now reading this and though its not halfway what I want, its baby steps has just been taken and I am ecstatic about it.  Now, this website is dear to me and I hope that you, my reader grow to love it for what it is set to represent. 


Trust me, I am not a bit bothered about how long and far this would go because for me, Everything will surely align. The strategy is to just do what I feel led to do. 


 Mark Mason wrote ”You can’t be an important and life-changing presence for some people without also being a joke and an embarrassment to others. You just can’t. Because there’s no such thing as a lack of adversity. It doesn’t exist.”


Welcome to  Hope your seatbelt is fastened? It’s gonna be a real ride indeed.